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Find Your Nature Paradise.

The simplest and most complete map of nature. With ✈️ drone views, 🔭 viewpoint visualization, and 🤖 AI trail generation. No more time wasted planning.
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Eden transformed my hiking experience. Other apps offered only pre-defined trails—often too long or short. Eden, however, creates personalized trails fitting my preferred distance. It's like a tailored guide, consistently suggesting new paths. A true game-changer in outdoor exploration.

Finnegan Aldridge

Avid hiker, nature lover

Discover nature effortlessly, no matter where you are.

Most hiking apps often turn what should be an escape into a planning task. Eden greatly simplifies your search with its uncluttered, AI-enabled interface.
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Eden's mission is to reconnect people to nature. Not just because it's good for our physical and mental health, but because it is the key to remembering how to be human.
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